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Starting with Q1 2014, if I pay the negative invoiced amount (Sponsor), or I received the negative invoiced amount (Drug Manufacturer), how do I report that on the payment confirmation report?As a Drug Manufacturer using / planning to use a 3rd party to process my reports, why is the TPA asking me to set up connectivity to mailboxes?Can I submit more than one payment confirmation report (Sponsor or Drug Manufacturer)?Why can’t I see my reports in my INBOUND mailbox directory?During the telnet test received message - Cannot open host.When I’m creating the payment confirmation report via the flat file format, do I have to use the over punch characters?As a Drug Manufacturer, do I need to submit my payment confirmation twice; both on the Manufacturer Portal and SFTP software?Is there a list of the manufacturer and sponsor edits codes on the TPA website?How can I submit another payment confirmation report if my latest one has an “ACCEPTED” status (Sponsor or Drug Manufacturer)?As a Drug Manufacturer, can I provide the TPA with more than one IP Address to load to your server and connect from?One of my quarterly invoice payments was returned. What do I do?I received a E012 discrepant response after submitting the payment confirmation report. Is that okay?If I receive invoiced amounts after the payment confirmation cutoff date, do I need to send in an updated payment confirmation report?Where can I find information on the release of the EFT information for manufacturers and/or sponsors?Can I use a bank account for sending payments which is different from the account receiving payments?How can the user reset their ProfitStars password?What bank account information will be used to make payments for the CGDP?What role does ProfitStars play in the new Direct Payment Process?What experience does ProfitStars have with government payment systems?When receiving the ProfitStars application, how would a user change the email address when creating an account?If an entity is represented by a Third Party and will use their bank account information, who should fill out the ProfitStars application?Do all the forms have to be completed on the ProfitStars application?Is there an easier way for Plans that have multiple contracts to complete the ProfitStars application?User unable to sign the ProfitStars agreement. The “check box” next to the Application is greyed out and cannot be enabled to check off.Does the user have to provide the Driver License number and SSN when filling out the ProfitStars application?Since the TPA will be directly debiting my bank account, will I need to set up the TPA or ProfitStars as a new vendor in my Accounts Payable system?Can someone fill the ProfitStars application out on behalf of someone else?Who should I contact if I have any questions concerning the ProfitStars application process?How will payments be made in the Direct Payment Process?

Last Updated: 06/26/2019