Payments Articles

Can a batch input file cover multiple payment periods?Will the Due Dates change based upon the time it takes an ACH transaction to clear?How will Negative amounts be handled with this new process?Can we use Wire Transfer accounts?What software is being used to initiate and manage the payment process?Can a batch input file cover multiple contracts / Pnumbers?How do I submit Payment Confirmations after the Q1 2015 invoices are released?Will I be able to find payment information for quarters prior to Q1 2015 on the new CGDP Portal?Will my bank statement show one combined amount for all payments made / received or separate entries?I received several payments from different Drug Manufacturers but I am unable to match the money with the invoice amount, what do I do?What information is available for invoice, payments & receipts data that I can use to integrate with my ERP system?How will you handle payments due to companies who are no longer in business?As a Part D sponsor, I received a payment for this quarter but it does not belong to us. How can I refund the money back to the issuing manufacturer?How will we know when payments are still outstanding?Can negative amounts be deferred?How long can an amount be deferred?Can I specify to defer line items in a batch input file?How will DPP support payers' need to have payments initiated by an authorized person that may not be the TPA's primary point of contact?How many line items are displayed on each page for the various payment related screens?My invoice contains an amount which is below my bank's ACH minimum transaction limit. What should I do?How will older, outstanding payments owed to Manufacturers be resolved?I am the authorized user but will be unavailable during a time when invoices will need to be paid. How will the payments be made for my company?Will the TPA automatically withdraw funds to cover all of the amounts due on my invoice?Is there a possibility that an amount in excess of the amount owed could be debited from my account or could be debited more than once for the same invoice line item?What happens if an initiated payment fails the ACH fund transfer process?What is the purpose of the Batch Payment feature?How are invoice payments made in the Coverage Gap Discount Program?

Last Updated: 06/26/2019