Manufacturer Benefit Year (BY) Closeout Invoice Report Layouts

The Benefit Year (BY) Closeout invoice report layouts assist Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers with understanding the format of the information provided in the three (3) BY Closeout invoice reports delivered via the CGDP Portal.

The Manufacturer Reimbursement Summary Report, the Manufacturer Reimbursement Detail Report and the Upheld Dispute Tracking Report communicate the status of all upheld disputes for years no longer being invoiced.

These reports will provide information whether or not correction of the disputed Prescription Drug Event (PDE) record has occurred that resolved the issue that led to the dispute and whether the correction resulted in a financial or non-financial change to the invoice data.

Manufacturers should note that successful disputes can result in a full adjustment, partial adjustment, or no adjustment to the gap discount amount.

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Last Updated: 06/21/2019